Memorabilia 1970's to date
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Beatle Grogg Statues 12" UK $793 2013
Done in the nineties in the UK these are hollow statues about 12" high and are well sculptured    
Beatlemania Figures Spain                          
I believe these figures to be from the seventies or eighties and manufactured in Spain by Emirober. Four different coloured plastic figres were in each individual packet with a different header card for each Beatle.    
Belt Buckle                          
Belt buckle from the early 1970’s approx. 2 x 3” in gold tone metal with a laminated inset photo of The Beatles    
Belt Buckles 1992 - 96                          
In the early nineties Apple Corps licensed various song themed metal belt buckles.    
Bobblehead Dolls 2001 $139 2014
These 5" bobblehead dolls were done I believe around 2001 in black suit and colour versions.    
Not sure when these were done but they are a nice item.    
These candlesticks have been made with the same design and decal as the sixties Washington Pottery plates/bowls but were done much later (probably 80s or 90s) as a souvenir item for people visiting Liverpool. A nice item though    
CD Player 1998                          
This is a great 1998 Apple Corp Limited authorised Beatles radio CD Player    
Dolls Applause Dark Suits 1987                          
The dolls were made by the American manufacturers Determined Productions Inc in 1987, who produced them for the toy company Applause Inc The dolls were produced under a licence from Apple Corp Ltd, and released in 1987. The dolls measure approx. 11" high and came on metal stands and with guitars and a cardboard drum set and drum sticks for Ringo.    
Dolls Applause Grey Suits 1989                          
The dolls were made by the American manufacturers Determined Productions Inc in 1989, who produced them for the toy company Applause Inc The dolls were produced under a licence from Apple Corp Ltd, and released in 1989. The dolls measure approx. 11" high and came enclosed with a stage and cardboard drum set.    
Dolls Applause Sgt Pepper 1987                          
The dolls were made by the American manufacturers Determined Productions Inc in 1987, who produced them for the toy company Applause Inc The dolls were produced under a licence from Apple Corp Ltd, and released in 1987. Each of the dolls (John, Paul, George and Ringo) is dressed in the corresponding costumes worn by the band on the cover of the seminal 1967 album ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’and came with a cardboard stage. Each of the dolls is made from cloth, with woollen hair and printed faces, and came with a red plastic stand to keep them upright for display purposes. The Beatles Sgt Pepper Dolls were part of a series that included two other ranges – a set wearing black suits and carrying instruments, and another set wearing grey stage outfits complete with instruments and a stage set.    
Dolls Hamilton 1991                          
Dolls Hamilton Music Boxes 1991 $330 2013
A set of Beatles figurines/music boxes with round bases. These were made by Hamilton Gifts for Apple Corps Limited in 1991 and were a similar design to the plastic figures done that had square bases.    
Dolls Sgt Pepper Porcelain Dolls 1987                          
Beatles Porcelain Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Dolls They Measure approx 18" Tall and were done in a Limited Edition of 10,000 Exclusively by Starshine 1987 for Apple Corps Ltd    
Esco Statues 1984                          
Made by Esco Products in 1984 these statues are 18'' tall and a nice item if you can still find them.    
Glasses John Lennon                          
Hard Rock Cafe Pins                          
A nice little item!    
Heineken Cassette Can Offer 1987                          
In 1987 EMI Parlophone in the UK put together a promotion with Heineken Beer, unusual for the fact that the Beatles have rarely loaned their name for advertising purposes. Specially printed cans of Heineken Beer featured a red banner across the top that said "The Beatles - A Unique Cassette." Along the bottom, the Beatles' names repeatedly circled the entire can. By sending in four pull tabs from the cans and approximately $5.00, consumers received a special custom pressing of a unique EMI compilation cassette titled Only The Beatles (Parlophone SMMC 151). The tape featured twelve songs from 1962-1967, including "previously unreleased stereo" versions of This Boy and Yes It Is. Unfortunately it would appear that Heineken had not received the correct permission and had to hastily withdraw the cassette.    
Hollywood Bowl Promo 1977                          
Done to promote the Hollywood Bowl 1977 LP This glass bowl is 9" diameter x 3" tall with "Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl etched twice along the rim and once at the bottom.    
Inflateable Chair Yellow Submarine 1999                          
THE BEATLES Yellow Submarine Inflatable Chair (Superb 1999 US inflatable chair featuring a montage of scenes from the film. The chair is made of high quality plastic making it easy to keep clean. and inflates in minutes to a size of 36" x 24" x 36".    
Jacket 1978                          
Beatles "Rarities" Promo Jacket. A black satin jacket with a "Beatles Rarities" drum logo on the back, distributed by Capitol Records to promote the 1978 album.    
A set of 3 jugs done with the same design as on the Washington pottery items but these are much later and probably from the 80's or 90's and were sold as a souvenir in Liverpool and have a Liverpool stamp underneath.    
Jukebox Rock Ola 2001                          
Mike Ansell, CEO of Lordsvale Sales, Ltd in Hull, North Humberside, designed the Yellow Submarine Jukebox along with two of Apple Corps own studio artists after reaching an agreement with Neil Aspinall Only 100 were made by Sound Leisure in 2001,These 100 Rock-Ola jukeboxes sold out within a week, nearly all of them went to Rock- Ola distributors around the US . One was sold to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and also Ozzy Osbourne. The original 2001 Rock-ola version, features an "Electric Yellow" finish and characters from the film, including the Fab Four, waving from vertical "portholes" on the front, and to top it all off, a group of funky periscopes. Complete with two rotating side panels that feature vividly colored pictures of the submarine, along with various characters and creatures from the movie, with bubbles of air perking merrily to the top of the 4 bubble tubes. A 100 CD capacity magazine and an LCD display. Sybersonic Computer system. 360 watt dual stereo amplifer developing over 800 watts peak music power.    
Lamp Green & Yellow 1970's                          
This lamp i believe was done in the 1970's and was done with a yellow or green base but a nice item with it's black & white lampshade.    
McDonalds Pins 1997 & 1999                          
Produced as a promotion in 1997 & 1999 for McDonalds. Each pin has a slogan. "All You Need Is Fries", I Get By With A Little Help From My Fries, and "I Want To Hold Your Fries"    
Musical Boxes Franklin Mint UK 1992                          
A set of 12 ceramic musical boxes with wooden display shelf done by Franklin Mint in the UK in 1992, each musical box plays a different Beatles tune and these were official licensed by Apple Corps and are one of the nicer later items.    
Ornament Hallmark 1994                          
A really nice detailed ornament set done by Hallmark in 1994 and modelled on the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show    
Radio 1998                          
A nice little item done by Apple Corps in 1998 at the same time as they did the CD player and Telephone.    
Rucksack Anthology 2003                          
Telephone 1998                          
Another nice item authorised by Apple Corps in 1998 was this telephone.    
Toby Jugs Bairstowe Manor Sgt Pepper                          
Two different sets of Beatles Legends of Rock character jugs from Bairstow Manor Pottery in Staffordshire UK.They are modelled by Ray Noble and are hand-made and hand-painted and are issued in a limited edition of 1967. The character jugs are just over 5 inches/12cm high and are fully stamped underneath.    
Toby Jugs Royal Doulton 1984 $430 2013
A set of 4 Royal Doulton Beatles character mugs, designed in 1984 by Stanley James Taylor. The limited edition set includes serial numbers on the base of each mug (John Lennon-D6725, Paul McCartney-D6724, George Harrison-D6727, Ringo Starr-D6726) along with the Royal Doulton logo, and each mug is pictured with original box    
Toby Jugs Royal Doulton John Lennon 1987                          
This Royal Doulton character jug John Lennon is the new colourway version No D6797 issued in 1987 in a special edition of 1,000 for John Sinclair, Sheffield. this piece depicts John Lennon in a Red uniform from Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band rather than the Blue of the standard issue jug done in 1984.    
Towel Apple Corps 1988                          
Towel Apple Corps 1989                          
Wall Plaques Moorland                          
The Beatles Set Of Four Ceramic Wall Plaques, they measure Approx 16cm x 10cm x 2cm and were made in the UK by Moorland Pottery    
Whisky Decanter John Lennon 1981                          
Manufactured in 1981 by Alpha Industries of Montana John Lennon liquor decanter by artist Gary Schildt. Approx 16" tall. There is a wind up music box on that bottom that plays " I wanna Hold Your Hand ".John is shown in his classic Beatles pose with his trademark Rickenbacker guitar and Vox amp a really nice Lennon momento.    
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