Fakes and Reproductions
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Yet another fake purporting to be from the sixties with the same Beatles picture as used on other fakes listed like the hair brush. eraser, purse, bubbles etc so you can see a bit of a pattern here.    
Badge 'With Love From Us To You'                          
Quite a few of the badges have been reproduced but the secret with this one is the repro photos of the Beatles are fuzzy and not clear and they should be in colour not black & white, a regular item on Ebay. The original badge is in the smaller pic for you to compare.    
Another fake marked up with the NEM ENT 64 markings but probably from the eighties.    
Brooch On Fake Card                          
This brooch is very similar to the original except the photo they have used is different in that Paul is smiling and looking straight at the camera and on the original he isn't smiling and he is looking up and the brooch is a shiny light gold plate colour on the fake when the original was more of a darker gold-bronze colour (SEE SMALLER PHOTO FOR ORIGINAL). The backing card is a complete fake and never existed. Again you see them every other week on Ebay!    
Same Beatles images as on the repro eraser, coin purse and brush so possibly done by the same counterfeiter!    
Calendar 'Make A Date'                          
This calendar was never done in the sixties and was probably done in the late 70's or early eighties. The authentic make a date calendar was nothing like this and was done with a glass front with red background with a white surround and white knobs to alter the date on the back (see smaller picture)    
Carlton Ware Fakes UK                          
All the items pictured are fakes and have had decals added to the original carlton ware pottery items.    
Charm Bracelet                          
Here's another Ebay favourite, This bracelet is a reproduction of the bracelet made by Randall. The original bracelet (see smaller pic) has Paul looking up, Ringo, John, and George are not smiling. Also, the chain on the original is a bit thicker than the reproduction. The order in which the charms are displayed are not the same on the original and the reproduction: the original features in order, Paul, George, Ringo and John and the reproduction features in order, Ringo, George, Paul and John.    
Coin Purse                          
One of the many counterfeits to have NEMS Ent Ltd 64 printed on it and the same Beatles heads image as other repros like the brush, eraser and bubbles. The original coin purse was a smaller solid hard shiny plastic purse done in either black or red with their first names underneath (see smaller picture)    
There has been a reproduction done of this original sixties comb, the original combs were done in very pale colours light pink, pale cream/yellow, pale green etc where the repros are vivid colours like deep yellow, red and dark green, also the originals had 'jumbo comb' in raised letters on one side. (see smaller pic for original comb)    
Desk Pen Holder                          
The original is the first small photo where the pen holder has four ceramic discs attached and their facsimile autographs. A couple of repro versions exist with etched headshots and signatures    
This dish is another fake using the same headshots that are on the fake eraser and coin purse and purports to be an item from the fan club but nothing like this was produced.    
Yet another item to use the same Beatles head shots as other repros (Bubbles, Coin Purse, Hair Brush etc) there was no Beatles eraser done in the sixties.    
There were thousands of fans in the sixties but they were all human and so this little beauty didn't exist and was done much later. Copied from the design of the round badge/button.    
Guitar Brooch On Backing Card                          
Ebay is flooded with these but an easy way to spot an original backing card is that the originals had scalloped edges not straight edges (see smaller photo for original card). Also the brooch itself has been reproduced but without the original domed plastic cover over the photo of each Beatle and also the photos are a bit fuzzy on the repros also the original brooches had a brass pin and the fakes don't. The beetle shaped bug brooch has also been reproduced.    
Again the 'Official' Beatles fan club logo and NEMS Ent Ltd 64 is used but there is nothing official about this counterfeit    
Hair Pomade                          
This is a reproduction of an original sixties item from the Phillipines the easy way to tell is the repros don't have a 10 cents each price within a circle on the box front between Ringo & Paul (see smaller photo of original box) and the original box did    
A very clever reproduction of the sixties hairbrush that was done in the late seventies, the header card has a different picture of the beatles and the brush itself is also different because on the original the beatle faces are inprinted into the brush not a decal like the repro. The original also has the first names of The Beatles underneath the headshots on the header card the repro does not (see smaller photo)    
Help Band Aid Dispenser                          
Yes a band aid does exist that was used to promote the HELP film in 1965 but the band aid dispenser marked as United Artists 1965 is sadly a fake and from much later as is the whistle also marked as United Artists 1965.    
Help Whistle                          
Just like the band aid dispenser thisalso never existed in the sixties and was probably done in the late 70's or early 80's    
Ink Stamps                          
Totally fake and probably done in the eighties there were no ink stamps done in the sixties.    
Marked up with the now obligatory Official Fan Club logo and NEMS Ent Ltd 64 how could this 1966 picture be possibly on a 1964 item (the same picture was used on the repro playing cards too) The original set of sixties jigsaws are in the smaller picture    
KYA Radio San Francisco guitar shaped soft plastic key chain. Supposedly to be a souvenir from the last concert at Candlestick Park in 1966, this item was never manufactured in the 60's. On the front the key chain is marked: "Here come the Beatles". With the ring, it measures 5.5". The back of the keychain says: "KYA Radio 1260 Welcomes The Beatles at Candlestick Park, San Francisco, Monday, August 29, 1966 - 8:00 PM". These come in either black or white.    
This is a total rip off as no lighter was done in the sixties with the Beatles pictured on it. The only 'official'lighter done in the sixties had an 'Apple' logo and was done by Zippo (see smaller picture)    
No set of marbles were done in the sixties and my guess is this is an eighties or nineties item.    
Pretty easy to spot fake as the original had a metal ring around the top but the fake has a white plastic ring plus the Beatles decalis different and the original had Beatle Bugle on it and fake does not.    
Metal Tray                          
A metal tray with the Beatles pictures in color with individual signatures this metal tray was widely reproduced. The trick is to look underneat the tray and see if there is a sticker that reads "Mfd. by Worcester Ware" or Metal Tray Manufacturing. Also, the wordings "Made in Great Britain" should be at the lower front to be an original. The reproduction has "Made in England" at the front and no sticker at the back. The original is heavier than the reproduction.    
Money Bank                          
Done in several colours and marked NEMS Ltd 1964 as a lot of reproduction items are but definately not from the sixties and most probably a late seventies or eighties item.    
There was a Beatles pencil done in the sixties (see smaller pic) but it had all 4 Beatles on the one pencil not individual pencils for each Beatle like the repros pictured    
Not a very well done item just a white knife with decals of each Beatle probably from the nineties    
Playing Cards                          
Although there was playing cards done in the sixties they are nothing like this black and white set. The original sets were done with the Beatles on either an orange or blue background (see smaller picture)    
Now here's a regular favourite on Ebay but the tell tale giveaway is the NEMS Ent Ltd 64 printed in the botom right hand corner as the originals did not have this. Also the Beatles decal image is much larger on the original purse (see smaller picture)    
Another Official Beatles Fan Club counterfeit probably from the eighties onwards.    
A twelve inch ruler made of painted white wood The front has the faces of each member of the Beatles with tiny facsimile of their signatures. The back has name plus facts : nickname, birthday, instrument played and general characteristics. The front also says "Made in the USA" and the back says Copyright 1964 NEMS ENT. LTD    
Tablecloth Ulster                          
Yet another favourite on E Bay this tablecloth was originally 36"x 36" and the repros size is 32" x 32"    
Tape Measure                          
Another fake on the fan club theme, this time a tape measure with the same design as the slide puzzle.    
Marked as a Beatles 'Official' Fan Club piece but sadly not true and not even from the sixties.    
Probably the worst fake i have seen these were never done in the sixties!    
Tie Tac Guitar On Fake Card                          
Fake, Fake, Fake, everything about this is fake the metal guitar tie tac has been reproduced and put on a backing card that never existed! The backing cards are usually yellow or white and various types of tacs have been attached to these cards to make them look original. I see them on Ebay every week!    
Tie Tacs                          
Probably the most reproduced fake item i have seen, if you look at the two cards pictured the repro has Ringo with a solid black clump of hair where the original (see smaller photo)you can see the strands in his hair, also the dotted line on the original runs from top to bottom and on the fake it doesn't reach the top and bottom edges. This goes for all four Beatles as individual cards were done for each.    
Tie Tacs 4 Heads On Fake Card                          
Fake, Fake, Fake, everything about this is fake the metal four heads tie tac has been reproduced and put on a backing card that never existed! The backing cards are usually yellow or white and various types of tacs have been attached to these cards to make them look original. I see them on Ebay every week!    
Tie Tacs On Fake Card                          
Fake, Fake, Fake, everything about this is fake the metal tie tacs have been reproduced and put on a backing card that never existed! I see them on Ebay every week!    
This 8" tumbler has been repoduced using the original insert but the white top of the tumbler is ribbed on the fake where the original is smooth. The original is in the smaller photo.    
TWA Vinyl Bag                          
This is the rip off of all rip off's and these keep appearing on Ebay and of course they all state that they are 'original' The original TWA bags were only done for the 4 Beatles and very close entourage and were made out of a cloth type material NOT VINYL and had the Beatles individual names on them and underneath the name the letters M.B.E. as they had just received the honour from the queen of Member Of The British Empire (see photos of Ringo with original bag and George)the bags are likely to be in private collections and you are highly unlikely to see one for sale other than at one of the big auction houses.    
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