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Liverpool Airport 10th July 1964                          
Not a concert ticket as such but a visit to the Beatles home town of Liverpool celebrated by this notice of their arrival at Liverpool airport for a press conference and later for the civic reception held in their honour and later on the same day yhe northern premiere of Hard Days Night..    
Liverpool Civic Reception 10th July 1964                          
Liverpool Hard Days Night Premiere 10th July 1964                          
The culmination of a fantastic day back in Liverpool and the northern premiere of A Hard Days Night at the Odeon theatre in Liverpool.    
Brighton Hippodrome 12th July 1964                          
Two shows at the seaside town of Brighton    
London Palladium 23rd July 1964                          
The Beatles appeared briefly in this gala 'Night Of A Hundred Stars'in addition to performing, the group appeared in a "flying" ballet sketch requiring them to be hoisted above the stage wearing harnesses. Most Beatles afficianados have seen the flying Beatles in well-known photos from this event. Among the 100 participants at the midnight charity event: Laurence Olivier, Judy Garland, Wilfred Brambell (Paul's grandfather in "A Hard Day's Night"), Jane Asher (Paul's girlfriend), Boris Karloff, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Hayley Mills, Shirley Bassey, Roger Moore    
Blackpool Opera House 26th July 1964                          
A day after George and Ringo appeared on the BBC's "Juke Box Jury", the group gave two concerts at the Blackpool Opera House    
Stockholm Sweden 28th July 1964                          
Paul and John received mild electric shocks due to a non-grounded microphone during the first of four shows on this two-day visit to Sweden, the daily shows were at 18.45 and 22.00.    
Stockholm Sweden 29th July 1964                          
The Beatles did two shows this day at the Johanneshovs Isstadion, one at 18.45 and one at 22.00    
Bournemouth Gaumont 2nd August 1964                          
The Beatles were joined on the bill for the first time by The Kinks who were described as a "new and unknown group"!    
Scarborough Futurist 9th August 1964                          
The next to final UK gig before embarking on their summer tour of North America takes place at Scarborough's Futurist Theatre    
Blackpool Opera House 16th August 1964                          
In addition to the Kinks, the Beatles are supported by the "High Numbers" who will change their name to "The Who" a few weeks later. This marks the only time the two groups would share the stage. It is also the group's last gig before beginning their 25 city tour of North America    
San Francisco 19th August 1964                          
The first concert of the summer '64 tour at San Francisco's Cow Palace where the Beatles were seen by 17,300 fans.    
Las Vegas 20th August 1964                          
16,816 witnessed the two per-formances at the Las Vegas Convention Center. One of the rarest tickets from the summer '64 tour    
Seattle 21st August 1964                          
Two stubs from Seattle where 14,720 were in attendance.    
Vancouver 22nd August 1964                          
The fourth stop on their North American summer tour, and first ever Canadian appearance was broadcast live on CKNW radio. The Beatles faces are superimposed on this unused ticket.    
Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl 23rd August 1964                          
The Beatles first Los Angeles appearance in front of 17,256 screaming fans was recorded by Capitol Records. Fans, however, would have to wait until 1977 to hear the official release    
Denver 26th August 1964                          
A less than capacity crowd of 7,000 journeyed to this venue twenty miles from Denver    
Cincinnati 27th August 1964                          
The group played before 14,000 fans at the Cincinnati Garden    
New York Forest Hills 28th August 1964                          
The first of two nights at New York's Forest Hills Tennis Stadium which was filled with 16,000 mostly screaming fans.    
New York Forest Hills 29th August 1964                          
Another 16,000 seat sell-out at Forest Hills    
Atlantic City 30th August 1964                          
More than 18,000 greeted the Beatles at Atlantic City's Convention Hall and here's two full tickets.    
Philadelphia 2nd September 1964                          
A one-hour drive from the New Jersey shore found the group playing before 13,000 at Philadelphia's Convention Hall    
Indianapolis 3rd September 1964                          
A full,unused ticket for the early show and a stub for the evening show plus original ad for tickets.    
Milwaukee 4th September 1964                          
A single concert at the Milwaukee Arena attracted 11,500 fans    
Chicago 5th September 1964                          
A ticket for the Chicago appearance seen and heard by 13,000 fans    
Detroit 6th September 1964                          
Two tickets for the early 2pm and the later 6pm show at Detroit's Olympia Stadium. 30,000 fans witnessed the two shows    
Toronto 7th September 1964                          
Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens served as the venue for two concerts when the Beatles headed north of the border once again. 35,222 were in attendance at the two shows.    
Montreal Canada 8th September 1964                          
Continuing north to Montreal, the group played two more shows before 21,000 attendees in the French Canadian province of Quebec. Note that the stub for this evening concert displays both English and French writing    
Jacksonville 11th September 1964                          
The Beatles and "The Big Ape" mascot of WAPE radio are pictured on this stub. While 32,000 tickets were sold, more than 9,000 couldn't make it to the gator Bowl due to Hurrican Dora's damage and here's two unused tickets.    
Boston 12th September 1964                          
13,909 were on hand to see the Beatles at the fabled Boston Garden, home to hockey's Bruins and basketball's Celtics    
Baltimore 13th September 1964                          
The two concerts were attended by 28,000 at Baltimore's Civic Center.Here we have a full ticket fot the evening performance and the afternoon performance.    
Pittsburgh 14th September 1964                          
Cleveland 15th September 1964                          
This concert at Cleveland's Public Auditorium before 11,000 rabid concert goers was temporarily halted when fans eluded security and joined the Beatles onstage! Order was restored after a plea by Beatles publicist Derek Taylor, and a police announcement of pending cancellation    
London Kilburn Gaumont 23rd October 1964                          
A rare full ticket for the 1st performance at 6.40pm and a stub for the later performance at 9pm    
New Orleans 16th September 1964                          
12,000 were admitted to this "general admission" concert at City Park Stadium in New Orleans. Denver was the only other "general admission" venue among the nearly 70 North American concerts given by the Beatles between 1964 and 1966. These are two full unused tickets.    
Kansas 17th September 1964                          
Unused rare $6.50 ticket (admission to the lower deck box seat) to the Kansas City Municipal Stadium on September 17, 1964. Only one ticket for $8.50 was more expensive for this venue, (at $8.50 - one of the highest priced Beatles tickets ever). Presented by Charles O. Finley, the back of the ticket pictures him wearing Beatles wig and reads 'Todays Beatle fans are tomorrows Baseball fans'    
Dallas 18th September 1964                          
This extremely scarce full, unused ticket to the group's appearance at the Dallas Memorial Auditorium was witnessed by 10,500    
New York Paramount Theatre 20th Sept 1964                          
One of the most in-demand and rarest of all North American Beatles tickets is this one from the group’s final stop on the 1964 summer tour benefiting United Cerebral Palsy of New York City. Unusually rare since the theatre held only 3,682 seats, this special show given by the Beatles for no fee included premium $100 seats    
Bradford Gaumont 9th October 1964                          
The only British tour in 1964 got underway in Bradford and the set list comprised of the usual standards Twist & Shout, Money, I Wanna Be Your Man, plus songs from the Hard Day's Night film Things We Said Today, Can't Buy Me Love,I'm Happy Just To Dance With You, I Should Have Known Better, If I Fell, Hard Day's Night and finishing with Long Tall Sally    
Leicester 10th October 1964                          
Birmingham Odeon 11th October 1964                          
The group's third concert date of their only nationwide UK tour of 1964. Having returned from their triumphant North American tour on September 21, much of their time was taken up with recording sessions and television tapings until the tour's first stop on October 9    
London Price Of Wales Theatre 4th November 1963                          
A ticket for the Beatles famous Royal Command Performance in the presence of the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret. Also as well as a scan of the programme a pass for Beatles roadie Mal Evans.    
Wigan ABC 13th October 1964                          
Two performances at the ABC cinema first house at 6.20pm and second house at 8.35pm.    
Manchester Ardwick ABC 14th October 1964                          
Stockton ABC 15th October 1964                          
This appearance coincided with Election Day in the UK, and during an ITV interview, they were asked about their voting intentions    
Hull ABC 16th October 1964                          
A ticket from the 2nd performance and an ad from the local paper for the ABC theatre in Hull.    
Dundee Caird Hall 20th October 1964                          
ITV once again filmed an interview and part of the Beatles performance from the Scottish city that was transmitted on October 23.The Beatles performed two shows at 6.30pm & 8.45pm    
Glasgow Odeon 21st October 1964                          
Leeds Odeon 22nd October 1964                          
Two performances at my home city of Leeds this evening, 6.00pm and 8.30pm, sadly i wasn't old enough at 6 years old to be allowed to go!    
Walthamstowe Granada 24th October 1964                          
Brighton Hippodrome 25th October 1964                          
Exeter ABC 28th October 1964                          
The Autumn tour resumed in Exeter after two days of recording and mixing at EMI in London.    
Plymouth ABC 29th October 1964                          
Bournemouth Gaumont 30th October 1964                          
Ipswich Gaumont 31st October 1964                          
Two more shows in Ipswich closed out October    
London Astoria 1st November 1964                          
Belfast Ireland 2nd November 1964                          
A supposed day off evolved into a flight to Ireland to appear in Befast at King's Hall for two performances    
Luton Ritz 4th November 1964                          
Nottingham Odeon 5th November 1964                          
A day after wrapping up final mixing and editing chores for their next LP "Beatles For Sale", they're off again…….this time to Nottingham    
Southampton Gaumont 6th November 1964                          
Cardiff 7th November 1964                          
A couple of shows in Cardiff, Wales the day before a visit to their hometown    
Liverpool Empire 8th November 1964                          
The band's first concert in their hometown of Liverpool since the previous December, although they appeared at various events surrounding the Liverpool premiere of "A Hard Day's Night" on July 10    
Sheffield City Hall 9th November 1964                          
Bristol Colston Hall10th November 1964                          
London Hammersmith 24th December 1964                          
Billed as "Another Beatles Christmas Show", the second edition of the holiday show ran for twenty nights and thirty-eight performances between December 24, 1964 and January 16, 1965. The Hammersmith Odeon served as the venue this time around. Unused tickets of this common style are rarely seen since the paper stock upon which they are printed is quite delicate which tends to separate the per-forations    
London Hammersmith 26th December 1964                          
London Hammersmith 28th December 1964                          
London Hammersmith 'Charity Gala Performance 29th                          
A ticket and scan of the programme for a special one off charity performance in aid of Brady Clubs.    
London Hammersmith 29th December 1964                          
A change to the normal two shows nightly as this ticket is for the early evening show which commenced at 6.15pm because later in the evening The Beatles would perform in a special 'Beatles For Brady' charity show also held at Hammersmith which would start at 8.45pm    
London Hammersmith 30th December 1964                          
Two shows tonight at 6.15pm & 8.45pm    
London Hammersmith 31st December 1964                          
London Hammersmith 1st January 1965                          
London Hammersmith 2nd January 1965                          
Rare full ticket for the 1st performance    
London Hammersmith 4th January 1965                          
London Hammersmith 5th January 1965                          
London Hammersmith 6th January 1965                          
London Hammersmith 7th January 1965                          
London Hammersmith 8th January 1965                          
London Hammersmith 9th January 1965                          
London Hammersmith 11th January 1965                          
London Hammersmith 12th January 1965                          
London Hammersmith 13th January 1965                          
London Hammersmith 14th January 1965                          
London Hammersmith 15th January 1965                          
London Hammersmith 16th January 1965                          
London Wembley Empire Pool 11th April 1965                          
An appearance at the NME poll winners concert where the Beatles short set consisted of I Feel Fine, She's A Woman,Baby's In Black, Ticket To Ride and Long Tall Sally.    
Paris France 20th June 1965                          
A short tour of Europe got underway with two show in Paris at 3pm and 9pm and would then travel to Lyon for the concert on 22nd June.    
Lyon France 22nd June 1965                          
No ticket scan as yet but a nice scan of the poster for the show    
Milan Italy 24th June 1965                          
Two shows as part of the Italian leg of the tour at the Milan Velodrome at 4.30pm and 9.30pm.    
Genoa Italy 26th June 1965                          
Again two shows this time at Genoa's Palazzo Dello Sport 4pm and 9.30pm.    
Rome Italy 27th June 1965                          
The first of two nights in Rome where they did two shows nightly at 4pm & 9.30pm. They would then fly onto Nice for the next show.    
Rome Italy 28th June 1965                          
Two shows at the Teatro Adriano today 16.30pm and 21.30pm    
Nice France 30th June 1965                          
Just one show squeezed in at 9pm before moving onto Madrid and the remains of a poster advertising the event.    
Madrid Spain 2nd July 1965                          
Two nights on the Spanish leg of the European tour kicked off with Madrid and moved on to Barcelona the following day. Two different versions of the ticket were done one for the general public and one done by impresario Francisco Bermudez, who also produced the concert the next day in Barcelona. A very limited number of these were given to friends of the promoter and significant people in the Francisco Franco regime. The tickets available to the public had a different design.    
Barcelona Spain 3rd July 1965                          
The final date of The Beatles short European tour ended in Barcleona at the Plaza Toros Monumental before they flew back to the UK on the 4th July. A different version of the ticket was also done by impressario Francisco Bermudez, who also produced the concert the previous day in Madrid. A very limited number of these were given to friends of the promoter and significant people in the Francisco Franco regime. The tickets available to the public had a different design.    
London Pavilion 'Help Premiere' 29th July 1965                          
The Beatles and Brian Epstein attended the royal première at the London Pavilion, Piccadilly Circus, London. Thousands of fans gathered outside to see the group arrive and inside the Pavilion they met Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon.    
Blackpool ABC Theatre 1st August 1965                          
The Beatles' appearance on this UK television special was their last before embarking on the summer '65 North American tour. This would be the band's final appearance in Blackpool. A short tour of eight cities throughout the UK at year's end would mark the Beatles last-ever tour of their homeland.    
New York Ed Sullivan 14th August 1965                          
A day after arriving in New York City to kickoff their North American summer tour, the Beatles returned to CBS-TV Studio 50 to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show. After an 11AM closed rehearsal, 728 lucky recipients of complimentary tickets were on hand for this 2:30 full dress rehearsal. The 8:30 performance was taped for broadcast on the show's September 12 season premiere. Only a few of these dress rehearsal tickets have found their way into the hands of collectors    
New York Ed Sullivan 14th August 1965                          
Talk about a ticket to ride. This ticket was for one of only 728 seats at CBS's Studio 50 theater, where the Beatles made their 2nd and final Ed Sullivan Show appearance. Though they appeared on August 14, 1965, the show was not broadcast live, but a month later for the show's season premiere on September 12th, 1965. Tickets for either the dress rehearsal or performance are just about impossible to find.    
New York Shea Stadium 15th August 1965                          
Without a doubt, the most famous of all Beatles concerts was their sell-out appearance at New York's Shea Stadium; the inaugural concert of their North American summer tour. Among the records set: concert attendance (55,600), concert gross ($304,000), and performer's share ($160,000). After a helicopter ride to the nearby World's fair site, they rode in a Wells Fargo armored car to the stadium. After being introduced by Ed Sullivan, the deafening screams greeted the group as they ran to the stage positioned in the vicinity of second base. The entire performance was captured on film by twelve cameras (also a record) for later broadcast as part of the hour-long television special, "The Beatles AT Shea Stadium". The film premiered March 1, 1966 on the BBC (in black and white), and in the United States nearly 17 months after the actual event on January 10, 1967 in color. The Shea Stadium concert is still considered a watershed event in pop music history    
Toronto 17th August 1965                          
After the momentous events of the Shea Stadium concert two days earlier, the group journeyed to Toronto for two concerts on August 17 attended by a total of 36,000 fans.    
Atlanta 18th August 1965                          
More than 30,000 witnessed the mayhem of Beatlemania at Atlanta's new baseball stadium    
Houston 19th August 1965                          
Extreme Beatlemania ensued at Sam Houston Coliseum during both sold-out concerts as 24,000 fans erupted in near-riot frenzy. This bedlam can be heard on the widely circulated recordings. KLIF disc jockey and concert MC Russ "The Weird Beard" Knight is heard trying to calm the crowd repeatedly, most notably when Ringo's bass drum is being put into place on the stage    
Chicago 20th August 1965                          
Nearly 63,000 fans attended the two performances at Chicago's White Sox Park. These full unused tickets for both performances are quite scarce.    
Mineapolis 21st August 1965                          
Full unused ticket for The Beatles' only Minneapolis area concert appearance which occurred at Bloomington's Metropolitan Stadium, home to the Minnesota Twins, with 25,000 in attendance    
Portland Oregon 22nd August 1965                          
The Beatles only visit to Portland, Oregon drew 20,000 for two concerts at Memorial Coliseum    
San Diego 28th August 1965                          
A five-day respite came to an end as the group trekked to San Diego's Balboa Stadium to play for 17,000.    
Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl 29th August 1965                          
Both nights of the Hollywood Bowl stand were sold-out with a total attendance of 37,400    
Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl 30th August 1965                          
An unused ticket for this 30th August 1965 performance, as was the case a year earlier, Capitol Records recorded this Hollywood Bowl concert. Seven of the songs from this concert were combined with six songs from the lone 1964 show to comprise the 1977 release of "The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl."    
San Francisco Cow Palace 31st August 1965                          
The final night of the North American tour ended in San Francisco with an afternoon and evening show.    
Glasgow Odeon 3rd December 1965                          
The first night of the short UK tour kicked off in Glasgow and would go on to Newcastle,Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, London finishing in Cardiff on 12th Dec.    
Newcastle City Hall 4th December 1965                          
The only Beatles tour of the UK during 1965 proved to be their last-ever. Only nine cities were visited between December 3 and 12 including this stop in Newcastle. These were their first concert appearances since the highly successful North American tour that concluded three months earlier. After a well-deserved six-week break, it was back into the studio for most of October and November before squeezing in this ten-day homeland tour    
Liverpool Empire 5th December 1965                          
Although they didn't know it at the time, this would be the last opportunity for Liverpool fans to witness their hometown heroes on the concert stage. A year had passed since their last visit to Liverpool, so it wasn't surprising that there were 40,000 ticket requests for the 5,100 seats to the two performances on December 5    
Manchester Ardwick ABC 7th December 1965                          
From Liverpool, the tour moved on to greater Manchester for two shows at the ABC Cinema in Ardwick    
Sheffield Gaumont 8th December 1965                          
Birmingham Odeon 9th December 1965                          
London Hammersmith 10th December 1965                          
London Astoria 11th December 1965                          
The Beatles' next to last full-length concert in the UK. The group's last-ever live appearance would occur four months later when they played an abbreviated five song set at the NME Poll-Winners concert.    
Cardiff Capitol 12th December 1965                          
The final night of what turned out to be the Beatles final UK tour.    
London Wembley Empire Pool 1st May 1966                          
The Beatles forth and final appearance at this annual New Musical Express Awards concert. This was to be the Beatles final live performance in England to a paying audience (not counting the Let It Be rooftop session)and their set list on the day comprised of: I Feel Fine, Nowhere Man, Day Tripper, If I Needed Someone and finally I'm Down.    
Munich Germany 24th June 1966                          
The Beatles come to West Germany performed two shows one at 5pm and one at 9pm before moving on to Essen on the 25th and finishing in Hamburg on the 26th    
Essen Germany 25th June 1966                          
Second night of the German tour this time in Essen and two more shows at 5pm & 9pm.    
Hamburg Germany 26th June 1966                          
The Beatles first return to the city of Hamburg since 1963 a far cry from the days of performing at the Star Club. The Beatles performed 2 sell out shows at 3pm & 7pm to over 10,000 fans in total. Also a press pass    
Tokyo Japan 30th June 1966                          
Huge 8 x 2.75” full ticket stub from this place of religious importance (wrestling matches?) and site of one of the most historic Beatles shows ever.    
Tokyo Japan 1st July 1966                          
Two shows again on this day, the early show at 2pm and the late show at 6.30pm    
Tokyo Japan 2nd July 1966                          
The last two of five shows at the Nippon Budokan Hall, one on 30th June and two each on 1st and 2nd July before then flying on to the ill fated gig in the Philippines.    
Manilla Philippines 4th July 1966                          
The Beatles performed two shows in the Rizal Football Stadium, the afternoon show at 4pm to 30,000 and the evening show at 8.30pm to 80,000 before the trip turned sour and they were hounded out of the country.    
Chicago 12th August 1966                          
When the tour commenced at Chicago's International Amphitheatre, the line of questioning at the first press conference concerned John's comments. Lennon's explanation and qualified apology seemed to put the mat-ter to rest, temporarily at least. Remarkably, no songs from the just released "Revolver" were performed. It was evi-dent to all in the Beatles' entourage that this was to be the last tour. A total of 26,000 fans were in attendance at the two sold-out shows    
Detroit 13th August 1966                          
A return trip to Detroit's Olympia Stadium for the afternoon and evening performances and here's a couple of unused tickets!    
Cleveland 14th August 1966                          
The concert at Cleveland Stadium, home of baseball's Cleveland Indians, was delayed for half an hour after the show's fourth song "Day Tripper" after more than 2,500 of the 20,000 fans rushed onto the field. Here's a full unused ticket used stub and poster.    
Washington 15th August 1966                          
An unused ticket for a single concert which was performed for 32,164 at Washington's DC Stadium, home of baseball's Washington Senators. It was in Washington that the group had given their first American concert on February 11, 1964. Five members of the Maryland Ku Klux Klan demonstrated outside the venue    
Philadelphia 16th August 1966                          
Gorgeous full ticket to The Beatles show at John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia, PA. on August 16, 1966. Ticket measures 5.5 x 2” and displays photo of all four band members. Ticket cost was $5, 1966 Steel Pier schedule of events printed on back    
Toronto 17th August 1966                          
15,000 witnessed the first of two concerts on this third and final visit north of the border to Toronto's Maple Leaf Stadium    
Boston Suffolk Downs 18th August 1966                          
This concert was held at Suffolk Downs horce racing course and over 25.000 people attended    
Memphis 19th August 1966                          
Several death threats, a bomb scare and a KKK demon-stration preceded the Beatles' two concerts at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis. 22,500 very well- behaved fans attended the two performances. An exploding cher-ry bomb during the evening concert caused hearts to race momentarily    
Cincinnati 21st August 1966                          
12,000 fans showed up for this concert at Cincinnati's Crosley Field, home field of baseball's Cincinnati Reds. Unfortunately, the concert originally scheduled for the 20th was postponed due to rain until the following afternoon since the promoters failed to supply a stage canopy. Immediately after the lunch hour make-up gig, the group flew to St. Louis for their evening concert    
St Louis 21st August 1966                          
Foul weather followed the band to Busch Stadium in St. Louis, home to baseball's Cardinals. The show went on as 23,000 weathered the storm while the Beatles performed beneath a protective tarpaulin. Here's an unused ticket from the show.    
New York Shea Stadium 23rd August 1966                          
A return to New York's Shea Stadium, where the Beatles had made history the previous year. Despite the fact that nearly 11,000 of the 55,600 were unsold, the concert was still one of the two most heavily attended concerts of this final tour. Here's one of the unsold tickets!    
Seattle 25th August 1966                          
Two concerts at the Seattle Coliseum drew 23,000 here's an unused ticket for both the evening performance and afternoon.    
Los Angeles 28th August 1966                          
For this final visit to Los Angeles, the venue was moved from the Hollywood Bowl to Dodger Stadium where 45,000 fans were in attendance, thereby eclipsing the Shea Stadium turnout by a mere 40,000    
San Francisco 29th August 1966                          
All good things must come to an end and after 1,400 live appearances, San Francisco's Candlestick Park, home to baseball's Giants, was the setting for the last-ever Beatles concert. Breaking from the standard set list, an audience of 25,000 heard "Long Tall Sally" as a substitute for the usual closer, "I'm Down." While the frenetic pace of Beatlemania had taken an emotional and physical toll on the group, their creative juices were at an all-time high! Within a few months, work began on their classic master-piece, "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."    
Film & Art Theatre London                          
Not a concert but an invitation from the Beatles to their fan club secretary's to a pre screening of the Magical Mystery Tour film on 17th December before it was shown to the world on TV on 26th December 1967    
London Pavilion 17th July 1968                          
Not a concert but the Beatles attended the world premiere of the Yellow Submarine film.    
Let It Be Premiere 20th May 1970                          
Not long after the Beatles split in April 1970 the premiere of the Let It Be film was held in Liverpool (Gaumont)and London (Pavillion)    
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