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Great Yarmouth ABC 30th June 1963                          
Dudley Plaza Ballroom 5th July 1963                          
No ticket scan as yet but a nice scan of the flyer.    
Northwich Verdin Park 6th July 1963                          
Prior to the Beatles appearence in the evening at Northwich Hall they appeared in the afternoon at the Northwich Carnival and Paul crowned the beauty queen.    
Blackpool ABC 7th July 1963                          
Margate Winter Gardens 8th July 1963                          
The Beatles kicked off their six consecutive nights at the seaside resort of Margate.    
Margate Winter Gardens 12th July 1963                          
Margate Winter Gardens 13th July 1963                          
Blackpool ABC 14th July 1963                          
No ticket scan yet but a nice scan of the programme    
Blackpool Queens Theatre 21st July 1963                          
Two shows at one of the group's favourite venues!    
Weston Super Mare Odeon 22nd July 1963                          
Weston Super Mare Odeon 23rd July 1963                          
Weston Super Mare Odeon 25th July 1963                          
Weston Super Mare Odeon 26th July 1963                          
Weston Super Mare Odeon 27th July 1963                          
Great Yarmouth ABC 28th July 1963                          
Nelson Imperial Ballroom 31st July 1963                          
No ticket scan yet but a nice scan of the poster    
Liverpool Grafton Rooms 2nd August 1963                          
Liverpool Cavern Club 3rd August 1963                          
The last ever performance for The Beatles at the place it all started.    
Blackpool Queens Theatre 4th August 1963                          
Manchester Urmston 5th August 1963                          
The group topped the bill at this summer festival event held in a huge tent in South Manchester.    
Jersey Springfield Ballroom 6th August 1963                          
The Beatles appeared here for four nights 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th August of the 5 night Jersey & Guernsey Channel Islands tour but as yet sadly no ticket scan only an ad for the shows.    
Guernsey Candie Gardens 8th August 1963                          
No ticket scan as yet but a nice scan of the flyer    
Blackpool ABC 11th August 1963                          
No ticket scan as yet but a nice scan of the poster    
Llandudno Odeon 12th August 1963                          
The start of a six night twelve show 12th to 17th of August stint in North Wales    
Llandudno Odeon 13th August 1963                          
Llandudno Odeon 14th August 1963                          
Llandudno Odeon 15th August 1963                          
Llandudno Odeon 16th August 1963                          
Llandudno Odeon 17th August 1963                          
Torquay Princess Theatre 18th August 1963                          
The Beatles travelled to Torquay from Llandudno after finishing their six night stint the previous night and taped a recording for 'Thank Your Lucky Stars' at Birmingham on the way.    
Bournemouth Gaumont 19th August 1963                          
The first night of a six day residence at The Gaumont Theatre Bournemouth.    
Bournemouth Gaumont 20th August 1963                          
Bournemouth Gaumont 21st August 1963                          
Bournemouth Gaumont 22nd August 1963                          
An extended booking for six successive nights, August 19-24, found the group in Bournemouth, Hampshire.    
Bournemouth Gaumont 23rd August 1963                          
Bournemouth Gaumont 24th August 1963                          
Blackpool ABC 25th August 1963                          
Two performances at the ABC cinema this night 6pm and 8.15pm    
Southport Odeon 26th August 1963                          
The first show of another six night engagement in one city, August 26-31    
Southport Odeon 27th August 1963                          
Southport Odeon 28th August 1963                          
Southport Odeon 29th August 1963                          
Southport Odeon 30th August 1963                          
Southport Odeon 31st August 1963                          
The final show of another six night engagement in one city, August 26-31. On the morning of the 27th they performed a private concert in front of BBC cameras and an invited audience. Segments were shown on "The Mersey Sound" in October and November    
Worcester Gaumont 4th September 1963                          
Taunton Gaumont 5th September 1963                          
No ticket scan yet but a nice ad from the local paper and a flyer for the show    
Luton Odeon 6th September 1963                          
A rare complete unused ticket for the Beatles 6.30pm performance.    
Croydon 7th September 1963                          
Two shows at the Fairfield Hall 6.15pm & 8.45pm and also on the bill were Ian Crawford & The Boomerangs, Mike Berry & The Innocents and Freddie Starr & The Midnighters.    
Blackpool ABC 8th September 1963                          
The Beatles sixth appearance in two months in Blackpool, Lancashire.    
Preston 13th September 1963                          
"The Fabulous Beatles" are announced on these two over-sized tickets, one from the first performance at 7pm and one from the second performance late show at 9.30pm in Preston    
London Royal Albert Hall 15th September 1963                          
The Beatles appeared with other artists at the annual 'Great Pop Prom'    
London TV Studios 4th October 1963                          
The Beatles performed three songs during their first appear-ance on the new pop music TV show, "Ready, Steady, Go!"    
Glasgow Concert Hall 5th October 1963                          
The first night of a mini tour of Scotlanf that took in Glasgow, Kirkcaldy and Dundee    
Kirkcaldy Scotland 6th October 1963                          
London Palladium 13th October 1963                          
The most prestigious appearance of their careers to this point, indeed, as the Beatles topped the bill and were seen by fifteen million throughout the UK on this live ATV special broadcast from the famed London Palladium! The first use of the term, "BEATLEMANIA", (coined by a London journalist to describe the mayhem around the theatre before, during, and after the show) was splashed across the front pages of newspapers nationwide the next morning. Within four months, the Beatles would appear before the Queen, make their first Ed Sullivan appearance, and become the world's most popular entertainers    
Southport Floral Hall 15th October 1963                          
Only half a ticket for this one off performance at the Floral Hall as the other half had to be handed in    
Karlstad Sweden 25th October 1963                          
The Beatles kicked off their tour of Sweden with a gig in a secondary school in the small town of Karlstad    
Stockholm Sweden 26th October 1963                          
A ticket for each of the two shows today at 5pm and 8pm.    
Gothenburg Sweden 27th October 1963                          
The Beatles packed in 3 shows on this day, here's tickets stubs from the 5pm & 8pm shows.    
Sweden 28th October 1963                          
A five day tour of Sweden between October 25 and 29 found the group signing autographs for 30 minutes at a local record store prior to the Boras concert. One review of the intitial show on the 25th proclaimed the Beatles "were playing out of rhythm…should have been grateful that the fans' screams helped to drown out their awful performance... were of no musical importance whatsoever…"    
Eskilstuna Sweden 29th October 1963                          
The last paying performance for the Beatles of the short Swedish tour although they would stay on one more night to tape a TV appearance for Swedish TV    
Stockholm TV Studios Sweden 30th October 1963                          
On their last night in Sweden the Beatles appeared at a small theatre to take part in the Swedish Pop show Drop In, this was taped for Swedish TV. The songs they played were She Loves You, Twist & Shout, I Saw Her Standing There and Long Tall Sally.    
Cheltenham Odeon 1st November 1963                          
Fresh from their tour of Sweden the Beatles opened their UK autumn tour in Cheltenham. For the entirety of the tour The Beatles performed a set featuring the same 10 songs: I Saw Her Standing There, From Me To You, All My Loving, You Really Got A Hold On Me, Roll Over Beethoven, Boys, Till There Was You, She Loves You, Money (That's What I Want) and Twist And Shout.    
Sheffield City Hall 2nd November 1963                          
The second night of their fourth nationwide tour of the year. Between November 1 and December 13 they appeared in 34 cities giving 68 performances    
Leeds Odeon 3rd November 1963                          
Two shows this evening from my home city of Leeds, I was just 5 years old whilst this was all happening.    
Slough Adelphi 5th November 1963                          
Two shows at the Adelphi at 6.30 and 8.45.    
Northampton ABC 6th November 1963                          
Dublin Ireland 7th November 1963                          
A quick 2 day tour of Ireland started when they flew into Dubin airport and did 2 shows in Dublin followed by two concerts in Belfast the following day.    
Belfast Ireland 8th November 1963                          
The second and last night of the Irish tour saw the Beatles doing two shows in Belfast.    
London East Ham Granada 9th November 1963                          
Two shows at 6.45pm and 9pm at the East Ham Granada in London.    
Birmingham Hippodrome 10th November 1963                          
Plymouth ABC13th November 1963                          
Exeter ABC 14th November 1963                          
Two shows tonight at 6.15pm & 8.30pm before moving on to Bristol the following night    
Bristol Colston Hall 15th November 1963                          
Bournemouth Winter Gardens 16th November 1963                          
Another pivotal date that served to extend the reaches of "Beatlemania" beyond Britain as all three US television networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) sent crews to film portions of this performance. CBS reporter concluded in his televised report that they "symbolize the 20th century non-hero, as they make non-music, wear non-haircuts and give none-mercy". Clips were shown in the US within a week, but a long excerpt of "She Loves You", shown on the January 3 edition of NBC's "Jack Paar Show", introduced Americans to the pending "British Invasion" that would occur a month later.    
Coventry 17th November 1963                          
Two performances at the Coventry theatre 6pm and 8.30pm    
London EMI Records 18th November 1963                          
A very special event on a rare day off from the Autumn tour found the Beatles being presented with a slew of silver discs for the LP's "Please Please Me" and "With The Beatles"( yet to be released but with advance sales of more than a million copies), the "Twist and Shout" EP, and the singles, "Twist and Shout" and "She Loves You". A cocktail party and formal lunch for EMI's top brass and special guests was hosted by EMI Records chairman, Sir Joseph Lockwood    
Wolverhampton Gaumont 19th November 1963                          
A resumption of the Autumn tour in Wolverhampton after the festivities of a day earlier    
Manchester ABC Ardwick 20th November 1963                          
At this Manchester venue, "She Loves You" and "Twist and Shout" were filmed in color by Pathe News for the eight-minute documentary newsreel "The Beatles Come To Town". This ultimately appeared in the US full-length movie release "Go Go Mania" In addition, Granada TV conducted an interview which showed the group speaking of their upcoming visit to the US. The interview was broadcast in the US on January 6. In addition, a BBC radio interview conducted moments before the group took the stage was aired live nationwide. A newsworthy night, indeed, as the "Beatlemania" juggernaut continued to gather steam!    
Carlisle ABC 21st November 1963                          
Stockton Globe 22nd November 1963                          
Newcastle City Hall 23rd November 1963                          
Hull ABC 24th November 1963                          
Cambridge Regal 26th November 1963                          
York Rialto 27th November 1963                          
Lincoln ABC 28th November 1963                          
Huddersfield ABC 29th November 1963                          
Sunderland Empire 30th November 1963                          
Sadly no ticket scan as yet but a nice poster advertising the show.    
Leicester 1st December 1963                          
Two shows at the De Montfort Hall, an early show at 5.40pm and a later show at 8pm.    
London Grosvenor Hotel 2nd December 1963                          
Sadly no ticket yet but a programme from a performance by the Beatles in a 'Stars In Aid Of Spastics' charity show squeezed in between their UK concert show dates    
Portsmouth Guildhall 3rd December 1963                          
After cancelling the original date of this concert on 12th November due to Paul having flu it was rescheduled to 3rd December and the two shows at the Guildhall were the early show at 6.30pm and the late show at 8.50pm    
Liverpool Empire And Odeon 7th December 1963                          
During the afternoon The Beatles performed for 2500 of their fans at the northern area fan club convention and did a taped performance for the BBC of 'Juke Box Jury' a popular weekly pop show where artists of the day gave their verdicts on the new songs released, this was a special Beatles edition. After leaving the Empire they would rush to do two more shows at the nearby Odeon cinema what a hectic day!    
Lewisham Odeon 8th December 1963                          
Southend Odeon 9th December 1963                          
Doncaster Gaumont 10th December 1963                          
Another BBC Radio inteview done for broadcast in Australia was taped before this performance. A segment from the same interview featuring John reading a selection from his yet to be released "In His Own Write" was also broadcast on "Dateline London"    
Scarborough Futurist 11th December 1963                          
Nottingham Odeon 12th December 1963                          
The next to last date of the Autumn tour and tickets for both the early and late shows.    
Southampton Gaumont 13th December 1963                          
This was the final date of The Beatles Autumn Tour which had started back on the 1st November.    
Wimbledon Palais 14th December 1963                          
Another fan club gathering, this time for the London area faithful, found the Beatles personally shaking hands with all 3,000 in attendance during the afternoon festivities prior to their evening concert. Some were lucky enough to get autographs as well.    
Alpha TV Studios Birmingham 15th December 1963                          
The Beatles followed on from their fan club appeareance the previous day with a performance that was taped at Aston studios for the TV show Thank Your Lucky Stars. The Beatles mimed to I Want To Hold Your Hand, All My Loving, Twist And Shout and She Loves You.    
Bradford Gaumont 21st December 1963                          
This was the first of the northern premieres for the Beatles Christmas shows, they would move on to Liverpool the following night before starting their run at the Astoria Finsbury Park London.    
Liverpool Empire 22nd December 1963                          
Following on from the previous nights performance in Bradford this was the second of the northern previews of the Beatles Christmas Show but without the elaborate sets still being assembled in London    
London Astoria 24th December 1963                          
This London venue was home to the Beatles for 16 evenings between December 24 and January 11 as Brian Epstein produced the the first "Beatles' Christmas Show".Tickets to the thirty shows went on sale October 16. All 100,000 tickets were sold by November 16. Epstein's stable of stars dominated the show. Among them: Tommy Quickly, The Fourmost, Cilla Black, and Billy J. Kramer with the Dakotas. The Beatles also appeared in comedy sketches as well as performing an eight-song set    
London Astoria 26th December 1963                          
London Astoria 27th December 1963                          
London Astoria 28th December 1963                          
London Astoria 30th December 1963                          
London Astoria 31st December 1963                          
Only one show this night on New Years Eve at 7pm    
London Astoria 1st January 1964                          
London Astoria 2nd January 1964                          
London Astoria 3rd January 1964                          
London Astoria 4th January 1964                          
Tickets for both early and late performances of the xmas show    
London Astoria 6th January 1964                          
London Astoria 7th January 1964                          
London Astoria 8th January 1964                          
London Astoria 9th January 1964                          
London Astoria 10th January 1964                          
London Astoria 11th January 1964                          
The final performance of "The Beatles' Christmas Show". Within a month, the Beatles would land at New York's Kennedy Airport (renamed in honor of the recently slain President), and the "British Invasion" would be underway!    
Paris Olympia 16th January - 4th February 1964                          
Just one ticket scan so far and a nice scan of the programme. Between January 16 and February 4, 1964, the Beatles settled into the Paris Olympia for 18 days of performances. They closed each of the more than forty shows, although they shared top-billing with French singer Sylvie Vartan and American Trini Lopez. Nine acts in all gave two to three performances a day. Returning to London on February 5, they had less than 48 hours before their flight to the US    
New York Ed Sullivan 9th February 1964                          
A very rare ticket for the Beatles first ever performance in the USA.    
New York Plaza 10th February 1964                          
Not a concert but a very rare ticket for a hotel reception on the day after the Beatles' appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show” “This reception ticket which was held for the Beatles in the Plaza Hotel on 10th February 1964, the day after 'The Ed Sullivan Show,' and the day before their first concert in America (in Washington, D.C.) for the presentation of a gold disc for 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' for 1 million unit sales and also for another disc for 'Meet The Beatles' for 1 million dollars U.S. in sales, according to the company, the presentation was made to the Beatles by Alan Livingston, then head of Capitol Records    
Washington Coliseum 11th February 1964                          
"Beatlemania!" arrives in the USA with this first-ever concert performance for 8,092 fans in the USA capitol. Just two days after their record-shattering appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, the concert was filmed by CBS-TV and shown as a closed-circuit telecast in theatres throughout America a month later. This is a very rare unused ticket for the show.    
New York Carnegie Hall 12th February 1964                          
After returning by train from Washington, DC, the Beatles gave two concerts at 7pm & 9.30pm for 5,800 the following evening at New York's renowned concert venue, Carnegie Hall.    
Miami Ed Sullivan 16th February 1964                          
The Beatles appeared as part of The Ed Sullivan show at the Deauville Hotel in Miami. The Beatles performed for the rehearsal show complete with full audience in the afternoon and in the evening. This stub is for their afternoon rehearsal show at 2:30pm. There were only a few hundred fans for this show, and, today, the tickets stubs are among the rarest of all Beatles concert tickets. The show was performed to a capacity crowd, but most of the ticket stubs from the event were tossed out or lost over the years.    
Miami Ed Sullivan 16th February 1964                          
This is the holy grail of Beatle tickets for the evening show at the Deauville Hotel.    
Teddington ABC TV Studios 23rd February 1964                          
The Beatles appeared as part of the TV variety show 'Big Night Out'and took part in some sketches and mimed 5 songs. Half a ticket and a nice scan of the programme.    
London TV Studios 20th March 1964                          
The Beatles cut short their filming of Hard Days Night to appear on the TV show Ready Steady Go. After a short rehearsal, the mimed appearance was broadcast at 6:15. In addition to lip-synching to three songs, the Beatles appeared in one skit, were presented with an award in recognition of holding down the top three positions on the US Billboard charts, and were interviewed    
London Dorchester Hotel 23rd April 1964                          
Not a concert ticket but still an important date for one of the Beatles John Lennon, John broke off from filming of Hard Days Night to attend this Foyles literary luncheon event that was held in his honour for his book 'In His Own Write' where he also signed copies of his book. Cynthia Lennon and Brian Epstein also attended the function.    
London Wembley Empire Pool 26th April 1964                          
The New Musical Express All Star Concert held at the Empire Pool Wembley. The group's first live UK concert appearance in nearly four months was a triumphant one as they took the stage at their second NME Poll-Winners concert in front of 10,000 fans    
London TV Special 27th April 1964                          
An evening of rehearsals preceded the actual taping of the "Around The Beatles" television special on April 28. The finished product was televised by Rediffusion TV in the UK on May 6, and ABC in the US on November 15. In addition to performing eight songs plus a three song medley, a spoof of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" had the Fab Four decked out in full period costumes.    
London TV Special 28th April 1964                          
This is a ticket for the actual dress rehearsal when the show was filmed and for the actual show later the same evening.    
Edinburgh ABC 29th April 1964                          
Prior to this Edinburgh Scottish appearance, the group gave a BBC Scotland radio interview that was broadcast on the evening news. They then continued this brief 2 night tour of Scotland the next day in Glasgow    
Glasgow Odeon 30th April 1964                          
Two separate interviews for Scottish TV were given by the group during the afternoon before they took the stage at Glasgow's Odeon Theatre    
London Pops Alive 31st May 1964                          
An unused ticket to "Pops Alive!", one of a series of seven consecutive weekly concerts during May and June produced by Brian Epstein. It was on this stage the previous November that the group performed before the Queen at the Royal Command Performance    
Copenhagen Denmark 4th June 1964                          
The two shows in Copenhagen at 6pm & 9.15pm kicked off the Beatles world tour and would be the first shows that Jimmy Nicol stood in for Ringo who was ill with tonsillitis.    
Blokker Holland 6h June 1964                          
The third date of their "world" tour of Denmark, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand found the group in Blokker, Holland at the Veilinghal Op Hoop Van Zegen near Amsterdam. With London session drummer, Jummy Nicol, in tow as Ringo's replacement (his absence due to a case of tonsilitis and pharyngitis), the Beatles headlined two shows featuring eight other acts    
Kowloon Hong Kong 9th June 1964                          
Although the tickets are printed as 10th June the concert was held at the Princess theatre in Kowloon on Tuesday 9th June the second of two concerts that day. Also pictured is the programme used for the show.    
Adelaide Australia 12th June 1964                          
The Beatles first and only tour of Australia and New Zealand commenced on June 12, 1964, when the group played two concerts at Adelaide's Centennial Hall. The four shows on June 12th and 13th marked substitute drummer Jimmy Nicol's final appearances as a Beatle before Ringo, who had been sidelined with tonsillitis, returned to the group on June 15th in Melbourne. These stubs are from the second concert on June 12th    
Adelaide Australia 13th June 1964                          
The second of two nights in Adelaide and Jimmy Nichol's last night as a Beatle.    
Melbourne Australia 15th June 1964                          
First of 3 nights in Melbourne with two shows at 6pm and 8.45pm    
Melbourne Australia 16th June 1964                          
Two shows again at the Festival Hall at 6pm and 8.45pm.    
Melbourne Australia 17th June 1964                          
This sixth and final concert in Melbourne was taped by Australian Television and broadcast on July 1 as "The Beatles Sing For Shell" (the oil company). Nine Beatle's songs were featured, and the hour-long program was rounded out by other Australian and International acts. This series of concerts featured Ringo's return to the stage as he had been hospitalized in London with tonsilitis and pharyngitis since June 3. Having concert commitments to fulfill, London session drummer, Jimmy Nicol, took over drumming duties in Holland, Hong Kong, and Adelaide    
Sydney Australia 18th June 1964                          
Three nights and six shows in Sydney started with two shows on the 18th June throught to the 20th June.    
Sydney Australia 19th June 1964                          
Sydney Australia 20th June 1964                          
The culmination of the Australian tour with the last two shows taking place at 6pm and 8.45pm in Sydney before the tour moved on to New Zealand    
Wellington New Zealand 22nd June 1964                          
The first of two nights at the Town Hall in Wellington plus a nice scan of the program used in New Zealand.    
Wellington New Zealand 23rd June 1964                          
No ticket scan for the 23rd June visit but a nice scan of the poster used for the four show two night performance at the town hall.    
Auckland New Zealand 24th June 1964                          
No ticket scan as yet for the Auckland concerts but a nice newspaper ad promoting the boys.    
Auckland New Zealand 25th June 1964                          
No ticket scan as yet but here's a scan of the folder the tickets came in plus an inlay card    
Brisbane Australia 29th June 1964                          
London Pavillion Hard Days Night Premiere 6th July                          
Not a concert as such but the Beatles attended the world premiere of their new film on this evening at the London Pavillion.    
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