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1962 Early                          
For collectors of signed Beatles photographs, this one may be the ultimate rush -- an unspeakably rare group shot of the lads circa 1962 with the original lineup that included drummer Pete Best, whose vintage signature on an early Beatles photo is all but impossible to find!    
Late 1962                          
1962 Late                          
This set of autographs is on one of the earliest promo cards done just after Ringo joined the band.    
1962 December                          
This nice set of early autographs was signed in December 1962    
1963 January                          
A Parlophone early promo card with the fab 4 signatures.    
1963 February Leigh                          
Signed by the Beatles whilst at an appearence in Leigh on 25th February 1963    
1963 Harrogate                          
Another nice set signed on the 8h March 1963 whilst appearing in Harrogate Yorkshire.    
1963 Fan Club Flyer                          
1963 April Croydon                          
Signed by the Beatles during an appearance at the Fairfield Hall Croydon on 25th April1963    
1963 April Northwich                          
A nice set of autographs signed on 27th April 1963 while the lads were appearing at Northwich Memorial Hall.    
1963 Twist And Shout                          
A beautiful fantastic set of autographs on a Beatles EP for Twist and Shout.    
1963 Sheffield                          
A beautifull set of Autographs obtained at Sheffield City Hall in 1963    
1963 Abergavenny                          
This set of Beatles signatures signed in Abergavenny in June 1963 is rare due to the fact that Brian Epstein has also signed the postcard    
1963 July 'Margate'                          
The autographs were obtained between July 8th and 13th 1963 when The Beatles were playing a series of concerts at the Winter Gardens, Margate, Kent    
1963 Promo Shot                          
A wonderfull early promo photo of the Beatles signed clearly by all four.    
1963 Manchester                          
A blue page taken from an autograph book that has been signed by The Beatles in dark blue ballpoint pen. Ringo Starr has added the word ‘Beatles’ above his name. The signatures date from 1963 and were obtained at Granada Television Studio’s in Manchester. The Beatles recorded television appearances at the Studios on several occasions during 1963 and the autographs were signed at one of these recordings.    
1963 August Llandudno                          
Signed by the guys whilst on tour in the UK in Llandudno August 1963    
1963 August Beatles Monthly                          
A nice clear set of autographs on the front and rear of the first edition of The Beatles monthly in August 1963.    
1963 September                          
A great set of autographs on a page of a programme at the side of each Beatle photo    
1963 'Please Please Me'                          
Wow about as good as it gets! All the Beatles signatures in bold on a recently released Please Please Me LP in 1963.    
1963 Scotland                          
A nice set of autographs on the front of a programme for the Scottish tour in October 1963    
1963 October 'Dundee Scotland'                          
Obtained at the Caird Hall in Dundee during the Beatles Scotland tour in October 1963    
1963 October                          
Given away as a prize by the People's Journal a Scottish newspaper in October 1963. The Beatles have signed under the caricatures of themselves whilst they were on tour in Scotland early in October 1963.    
1963 Tour Programme                          
A beautiful set of signatures on the inside page of a late 1963 tour programme Paul McCartney has even signed twice!    
1963 Abingdon                          
This nice set of signatures was signed at the Oriel Hotel Abingdon UK on the 17th November 1963    
1963 November 'London'                          
These autographs were obtained at a cocktail party held by EMI record bosses in November 1963    
1963 Fan Club Card                          
This is quite simply the best signed Beatles photo card extant. Very few authentically signed photos of this type exist, as they were produced for fan club secretaries to sign and send out in the mail. While most were signed by the secretaries, a select few were signed by the Beatles themselves. This card is beautifully signed by all four members of the most famous rock and roll quartet of all time. Signed in blue ballpoint in late 1963, the promo card boasts an incredibly unique inscription from Paul McCartney, "Very Best Wishes, The Beatles."    
1963 With The Beatles                          
Signed albums don't come much better than this!    
1964 Paris                          
A nice set of autographs signed on the notepaper of the George V hotel where they stayed during their 1964 tour    
1964 February 'Heathrow Airport'                          
Obtained while the boys were flying out from Heathrow Airport in Feb 1964    
1964 February Carnegie Hall                          
A programme from the Carnegie Hall February 1964 concert sgned by all 4 Beatles.    
1964 March Hard Day's Night                          
A set of autographs signed at Paddington Statio whilst the Beatles were filming A Hard Day's Night.    
1964 March                          
A nice set of signatures on a BEA (British European Airways) note paper obtained in March 1964    
1964 June Holland                          
These signatures were signed on the 6th June whilst The Beatles were in Holland (minus Ringo) so Jimmie Nichol has signed this unique set.    
1964 June Adelaide Australia                          
When Ringo Starr was struck down with tonsilitis just before the Beatles tour of Australia and New Zealand in early June 64 a session drummer by the name of Jimmie Nichol was thrust into the spotlight and here's a very rare example of his signature with the other 3 Beatles signed in Adelaide.    
1964 Auckland New Zealand                          
A nice set of signatures obtained in Auckland New Zealand in June 1964.    
1964 Australia                          
With Ringo back in the band after his illness this is a nice signed double page from the Australian tour programme.    
1964 July 'A Hard Days Night'                          
On July 10th, 1964, the film premiered at The Odeon Cinema in Liverpool, England, with all four band members present to participate in the festivities. Rare album slick given out to the stewardesses on the plane from London to Liverpool on their way to the premiere, signed by all four Beatles. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Star each have left their mark on the piece in bold    
1964 July A Hard Days Night Premiere                          
Nice signatures on a programme signed by the boys at the Liverpool premiere on July 10th 1964.    
1964 July Long Tall Sally                          
A nice set of signatures on the UK issue of the Long Tall Sally EP signed in July 1964    
1964 August - Newsweek                          
A February 1964 Newsweek front cover signed by the Beatles on their August 64 American tour.    
1964 August 'America'                          
A great photo from the American tour in the summer of 1964 signed by all four Beatles.    
1965 February Help                          
An absolutely stunning set of Beatles autographs two different blue ballpoint pens on the reverse a B.O.A.C ‘Beatles Bahamas Special’ in flight menu. The autographs were obtained on February 22nd 1965 whilst The Beatles were flying to the Bahamas to film scenes for their second feature film ‘HELP!’    
1965 March Help Bahamas                          
A really clear set of autographs signed on a plane on the 10th March 1965 taking the Beatles back to the UK from the Bahamas after filming scenes for Help.    
1965 - Help                          
This extraordinary signed photo is highly coveted Beatles treasure! A limited number of these were personally signed by the Beatles after the filming of their second feature film, "Help!" and given to the lucky production crew. 1965 black & white photo is strategically signed in gorgeous blue felt tip by all 4 in pecking order. Signed behind the LP scenes, just after completion of the film    
1965 August Graceland                          
Iconic is an understatement! It was August 27, 1965. The Beatles were on the eve of playing the Balboa Stadium in San Diego. Elvis was in the midst of shooting Paradise, Hawaiian Style in Hollywood. That night, between 10 and 11 p.m., John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr arrived in limousines at Elvis's domain, 565 Perugia Way in Bel Air, and Elvis personally greeted them at the door for what forever after became known as the "summit meeting" of Pop music and Rock and Roll. "If you guys are going to stare at me all night," joked Elvis, "I'm going to bed!" In fact, Elvis was awed too, but the ice broke and the evening found Elvis and John, Paul and George playing guitars (while Ringo, without drums, banged the side of a chair), the group admiring Elvis's new sauna, laughing at a fan who had infiltrated the house and began screaming hysterically, and discussing the terrors of fame. In one moving (and retrospectively chilling) moment, John noted that Elvis was very brave to perform in public before the wildly screaming and actually dangerous fans -- after all, onstage, the Beatles had each other. A relic survives from that legendary meeting -- Jerry Schilling, a member of Elvis's "Memphis Mafia," got the autographs of all four Beatles on a 5" x 8" piece of Elvis Presley's personal stationery, and dated the event "8/27/65." The autographs are sharp and clean in blue ink, the word "Elvis" is pre-printed in the upper left corner, and the dynamic of the signatures of the "Fab Four" on the stationery of "the King" is -- for lack of a better word -- magical.    
1965 September                          
This menu was signed by the Beatles on the way back from San Francisco to the UK on 1st September 1965    
1965 London Buckingham Palace                          
1965 We Can Work It Out                          
A fantastic signed UK Parlophone record sleeve of We Can Work It Out.    
1965 UK Tour                          
A great set of autographs signed on the 4th Dec 1965 on the front of their last full UK tour programme.    
1966 Hamburg                          
A nice set of autographs on a backstagw pass for the 26th June 1966 Hamburg concert    
1966 Japan                          
Beatles Autographed Airline Tag. This curious item is an adhesive Kuwait Airways luggage sticker that was signed on the backing by John Lennon and George Harrison in black ballpoint and Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney in blue ballpoint -- each one a great signature sample. Significant in that this comes from the group's final tour in 1966, on the way from Japan to the Philippines    
1967 Newquay September                          
During filming of Magical Mystery Tour the Beatles stayed at The Atlantic Hotel Newquay during September 1967 and this nice set of autoraphs was obtained during their stay at the hotel.    
1967 Magical Mystery Tour                          
This set of autographs was obtained by a fan in September 1967 whilst the Beatles were filming at West Maling airfield for the 'Your Mother Should Know' section of the Magical Mystery Tour Film.    
1967 Sgt Pepper                          
Vintage inner sleeve is signed by all four Beatles. This custom designed red, faded into pink and white inner sleeve marks an important distinction in the Sgt. Pepper album covers. It is significant in that it is only seen in first printings of “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band”. Subsequent releases of Sgt. Pepper did not have this color scheme. Previously, Capitol Records had been using a sleeve which advertised 54 of its other albums on the market. Matted above the actual album sleeve is the slightly wrinkled inner sleeve (matted to 7.5x7”) which proudly displays the black felt tip signatures: “Love From Paul McCartney” at the top, with “Love Ringo Starr XXX”, “George Harrison”, & “To Baltic Wood love, John Lennon”    
1969 Apple Contract                          
Phenomenal piece of Beatles history is their Apple Records contract dated December 31, 1969. This is the toughest year for any Beatles autographs. Made even sweeter by the fact that John signed twice! Being an officer, John signed a second time over the Queen’s postage stamp. Signed exquisitely by Paul, George & Ringo as well. It just doesn’t get any better than this.    
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