Apple Memorabilia
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Apple Brass                          
Apple Comb                          
Done by Apple in 1970 as a giveaway item.    
Apple Foam                          
This was sent out by Apple to people at Christmas 1968    
Apple Granite                          
Apple Wood                          
Bank Note 2012 $270
Incredibly rare late 1960s / early 1970s "ONE MILLION APPLE" (OR 'ONE MILLION POUND") Promotional note issued by APPLE, INC. in the UK to promote APPLE, INC. products and interests. size is 6" X 3" and it is printed on quality currency typre paper.    
Belt & Buckle                          
A rare Apple Records promotional Leather Belt with Metal Buckle! The belt was made under license from Apple Records Corp, London, England, UK in late 1968. It comes with it's original brown leather belt with silver colored metal buckle. The buckle is made of heavy metal and features the Apple Records trademark, the "sliced granny smith apple". The buckle measures approx. 2.75" high by 2.75" wide and is marked ITALY on the backside of the buckle. The buckle features a 'brushed' metal finish. The belt is 1.5" wide and is stitched on the top and bottom edges to a thin leather backing on the inside.    
Book Matches $102 2013
Apple book matches manufactured in the UK by Bryant & May.    
Boutique Receipt                          
Receipt from the Apple Boutique in the late sixties,torn from a receipt book this 8''x 5''receipt is a colourfull reminder of the heady days of the sixties.    
Business Card                          
Clothes Label                          
The dartboard was 18'' in diameter and marked Apple Records at the top.    
Fan Club Cube                          
A cardboard cube given away to members of the Beatles fan club in the late sixties    
Fan Club Cube Christmas                          
A cardboard cube given away to members of the Beatles fan club at Christmas in the late sixties    
Key Chain                          
2 1/2'' diameter clear lucite disc with green and red apple design key ring.    
1968 the large square mirror with the shape of an apple in the centre and smoked glass surrounding it, with silver metallic frame, purchased at the Apple Boutique in Baker Street, London, Frame 92 x 92 cm. Apple mirror in centre apprx. 64 x 64 cm    
Mirror Black                          
1968/69. Here is the black version of the Apple Records promotional mirror (which is the harder to find color variation). It was made in very limited quantity when Apple Enterprises was blooming into the boutique world with various promotional products. 11 x 14”    
Money Clip $562 2013
An original Apple Records money clip. It was produced in the late 1960s / early 1970s. Two versions were done one with the coloured Apple logo on the front and also one that was plain metal. Measures 4.7cm x 6.5cm (1.75 inches x 2.5 inches).    
A mug that was sold in the short lived Apple boutique.    
Old England Watch $1320 2012
The Beatles Apple Record Company had Old England produce this very rare and exclusive watch that was given out as gifts to Apple employees and other Apple affiliates. The watch measures 1.5” x 1.5” The famous Beatles Granny Smith Apple logo takes up the majority of the face. The original wide black suede wristband says “made in England, Old England, Copyright Old England Watches Ltd. 1967” in gold print on the back    
Paperweight Glass                          
An original Apple Records glass apple paperweight. The paperweights were given to staff and friends at Apple in the late 60’s / early 70’s. The paperweight stands approximately 8.5cm tall (3.5 inches)and came in different colours.    
Paperweight Glass                          
Another different version of the glass apple paperweight    
Playing Cards                          
1969 original UK promo Apple Records playing cards with box and two slightly different versions of address.    
Promo Apple                          
This is a specially produced promotional piece the Beatles themselves authorized in 1969. The apple was given to record stores for display purposes to hype the new Apple Record Label. The highly desirable piece is a vibrant colorful green with a punk hairdo worm coming out of the top of the apple. It measures 7” wide x 12” tall. A stem with leaves can be used to hang the apple or the apple can be displayed on a flat surface.    
Promo Gift Box                          
An original Apple Records promotional Lucite box. The box has a black bottom and a clear plastic lid with a silver Apple logo on it. Produced in limited quantities in the late 1960s / early 1970s. It measures 10.2cm x 10.2cm x 6.5cm (4 inches x 4 inches x 2.5 inches)    
Records Crate                          
Made out of wood this crate was used to display records in store and had wooden dividers.    
Apple Corps Ltd. stationery is becoming increasingly difficult to find. This sheet carries the original 3 Saville Row address along the bottom and stylized "Words From Apple" logo along the top. 8.25" x 11.75",    
An Apple Records sticker bearing the slogan 'A is for Apple Records', with an image of the Apple logo instead of the word 'apple'. The sticker is black with white text and a green apple logo. The sticker measures 34cm x 8cm (13.5inches x 3.25inches    
Zippo Lighter                          
Chrome Zippo lighter with apple logo on side which came in its own box,the box measures 5.25cm x 8cm (2 inches x 3.25 inches).    
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