My involvement in being interested in all things BEATLE started when I was six years old in 1964, my sister who was 13 at the time had pestered my mother for us to all go and see the Beatles live in Scarborough in the UK whilst we were on holiday in August of that year.
Unfortunately she was unable to get tickets to see them live, but instead bought us all tickets to see their new released film ''A Hard Days Night'' which had just come out at the cinema, so on the 9th August 1964 we all went to see this instead.
And so this gave me my first taste of the Beatles and I have been hooked ever since!

My sister was in the official Beatles fan club and when she left home in 1970 she gave me quite a few bits of Beatle memorabilia and this started me on my hobby of collecting any memorabilia relating to the Beatles..
My first Beatles piece was a rather insignificant cloth patch with the Beatles name on it, I have a photo of me wearing the patch when I was about 9 years old, and I still have it today and I''m now 59!

My most impressive piece is the Yellow Submarine one arm bandit, as far as I am aware no one else owns one of these, and it featured on the front page of Beatlology an American Beatles collecting magazine in 2003.

It has always been an ambition of mine to catalogue,list and price as much of the known Beatles memorabilia that exists out there still today,and with the help and assistance of many of you Beatles collectors across the world here is the result, I hope you like it!

My thanks go to many people who although i have never met them they have written various informative books over the years on the subject of Beatle''s memorabilia collecting which inspired and helped me put this reference centre together, so thank you
Jeff Augsburger, Marty Eck, Rick Rann, Barbara Crawford, Hollis Lamon, Michael Stern, Joe Hilton, Greg Moore, Perry Cox etc, I couldn''t have done it without your knowledge but a special thanks must go to Mark Lewisohn for without his very informative and fantastic book ''The Complete Beatles Chronicle'' I would not have been able to put together the concert ticket and concert poster section of the site.
I finally had the pleasure to meet and thank in person Mark Lewisohn and Jeff Augsberger at the 2014 New York Beatlesfest.

The site is very much work in progress and if you have any information or photos of memorabilia that is not listed or you have any further information that could add to what is already listed please feel free to contact me as the more accurate I can make the website the more help it will be to all the Beatle collectors worldwide